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General Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are wonderful tools to help us discover or uncover a specific path. Through the use of channeled messages and tarot and oracle cards, we can go on a journey to you. My readings are completely confidential and through our sessions, my goal is to provide a safe and comfortable experience for you to understand what the Universe may be trying to tell you. I am so excited for you!


Twin Flame Readings

As we grow on our spiritual journey, we may encounter another soul who matches our divine frequency. This is the twin flame or twin soul connection and it is different from a soul mate or karmic partner/catalyst twin. The twin flame connection is the one in which you come face to face with the other side of yourself – your perfect mirror of divine love, someone that you have known all your life or throughout may lifetimes. The journey can be a challenging one and I have helped many people on their twin flame journey as it takes someone who is on the twin flame journey to understand another twin flame. I look forward to working with you on this mission of deep divine love.

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Healing Through Tantra

Healing Through Tantra: This is a practice that I discovered while understanding my own need to heal and one which came to me as a channeled message. The art of touch in sexual practice calls upon us to slow things down and get out of our heads and really tune into our bodies. In this way, we connect to our deepest, creative self which then allows us to have a wonderful boost in self-confidence and the power to manifest the experiences that we wish to create. You will be so happy that you have chosen to heal and explore yourself through tantra.

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