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Your book of Life

Do you need to have a plan for every stage of your life? Does the thought of deviating from your plan scare you? How do you feel about creating your own life, your own circumstances?

Today’s Oracle Card reading encourages us to examine ourselves and ask ourselves these questions. When life throws you a curve or an obstacle presents itself to you, how do you handle it? Is your approach to swim valiantly against the tide, only to become tired and succumb to the power of the waves or, do you give yourself over to the tide and allow yourself to be carried to a new beach where you can get a fresh start.

The card’s imagery is one of a someone stepping out onto his path and it seems treacherous. The treachery represents the fear that is felt when we first decide to step out. Although as he walks along, a break in the road appears opening to a deep chasm below. He continues walking in trust, knowing that if he leaps across, he will land safely on the other side. He approaches the adventure with child-like wonder, with the trust that the sun will always shine. He can look back on the challenges and obstacles and write of his adventures in his book of life.

Many of us have forgotten that side of ourselves - the child who simply trusts that all will be well. We have allowed fear to creep into our space. The fear that all things must be planned to the most miniscule detail otherwise we feel as if are not in control. Sadly, the ego nags us into believing that we should fear the unknown and that we need to be absolutely in control otherwise we will face abject failure. Now, I am not saying that we should not plan for education, children or retirement but the journey of getting to those points should not be fraught with so much control and fear that it is a tiresome path of drudgery. The truth is that the book of life is one in which we get to write our adventures and what we have made of ourselves. We have the opportunity to colour the book’s pages as pretty as want with our stories – we don’t even have to stay within the lines! I was never good at colouring (still am not!) We could still achieve the goals of education, family, good health and retirement but we could have a great time along the way. There is always a lesson along the way or the introduction to someone or something that could change our life forever.

I recall a story from a client who said that because of fear of the unknown she almost turned down the chance for an interview with a global company. When she allowed herself to set her fear aside and had an alternate date arranged for her interview, she not only landed the job, but met one of her dearest friends and her twin flame in the process. If it had all gone according to her fear-based plan, these people would not have entered her life. Trust. You never know what exciting stories you are going to write in your very own book of life. Embrace the unknown! Bye for now 😊

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