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Wish upon a star and watch the magic happen!

Today’s card is a major arcana card from #TheWitchesTarot and it is The Star. This is a great reminder for us to delve into our inner child, our nakedness, our innocence and wish upon a star. Remember when you might have looked up at the stars, closed your eyes tightly and made your wish? How did you feel when you did this? Didn’t you feel hopeful that the Universe would answer your prayer? This simple act is the beginning of our manifestation. It is about integrating all the messages that you receive from the Universe and then crafting your plan of action. Manifestation of your desires comes first of all, from a decision - a contract between your soul and the Universe for something new as you grow on your spiritual path.

To put it into perspective: have you ever made a decision to do something such as change your job, move house or break off a relationship and then find that once you have made peace with yourself and that decision that so many things simply, almost magically fall into place? Simply put, wish upon a star and watch the magic happen. Once you are ready and the Universe sees that you are ready for something new, it is almost as if there is a great conspiracy by the Divine forces to ensure that you are well set upon your path to achieving your goal. Often it is the process of arriving at the decision to want better for yourself is the rocky road but it is part of the journey and the Universe forces us to undergo these challenges so that we are sure about the decision that we are about to undertake.

The key is to trust that as you plan your journey according to the Universe’s plan then the details will take care of themselves in your life.

Happy wishing and manifesting! Bye for now 😊

#WishUponAStar #DivineMasculine #DivineFeminine #EmbraceYouself #Innocence #Magic

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