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Trust your inner guidance

Card of the Day:

16 August 2020

The reading for the day is from #ThePsychicTarotOracle Deck by #JohnHolland.

When I was shuffling this deck, the beautiful "Intuition" card fell out. This is a fabulous reminder to trust our intuition deeply and know that that the Universe or Source is is on our side and all that happens is for our highest good and the good of all concerned. There are changes in our lives and decisions that have to be made, – the consequences of which weigh on us spiritually. At times, we are so blinded by being stuck in our comfort zone that we don’t even realize that our current situation (that which we think is safe and normal) breaks us down spiritually and drains us energetically. As a result, we are often forced to effect change into our lives in order to move forward. If we are not prepared to change, sometimes the situations are changed for us. Despite the seeming upheaval in our lives (it is truly how we choose to view change), we must trust our intuition and be truthful to ourselves to know and choose what is right for us. The question that we need to ask ourselves is: How does my presence on this planet serve the rest of humanity? Perhaps in rising out of the ashes of our challenges, both physical and spiritual like the phoenix, we are able to inspire others and even spiritually accompany them through their own trials.

Trust your intuition. Stand in your truth. Bye for now :)

#trustyourintuition #trustyourguidance #twinflames #bigchanges

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