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The men

In today's card reading, I got two cards "Man holding a coin" and "The thinking man". I found it was so perfect since I pick up so much on the #divinemasculine energy! These are two aspects of themselves that the our dear #masculines are working on balancing at this time. The "Man holding a coin" is working on building his life in the physical world so that he can have something of substance to offer to his #divinefeminine. So in the realm of the physical, the #masculine could seem abrupt and logical and even dismissive at times but it is only because of the harshness of the material world in which he lives. He is so busy keeping his head down and focused on what he is doing to earn a living that he may not notice what is going on around him, very much to the disappointment of his #feminine. "The Thinking Man" is contemplative. He is focused on some high vibrational clear quartz crystals. He is using the crystals as one might use a crystal ball - for scrying - he is looking at his future. He is thinking of his feminine and she makes him smile which causes the kind and gentle smile on his face . There is this warm, strong and tender side of the #DM.

The same may be said of the #DF who has been working on integrating the physical and spiritual aspects into her being. It is his turn now to ascend.

Let us hold space for our #divinemasculines through their integration process.

Bye for now :)

#integration #twinflames

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