The end of the sacrifice

Today’s Oracle card reading is one of the most challenging of the cards to interpret…sacrifice. In traditional tarot, this represents the Hanged Man, a character who embodies the message of waiting to see what happens, suspension, feeling stuck or trapped or someone just in transition while waiting for change. It is a time of great reflection and release especially while things are still quiet.

Perhaps it is that time of “rest” before the start of a huge project that will demand so much of your time and efforts. While the impatient side of us often wants to rush the process, we are being guided suspend worry, to trust the process and pray and meditate while the wheels in the background are in motion. It will all work out for the greatest good of all concerned.

Self-sacrifice allows us to see things from a different perspective and is a great time for us to grow spiritually but there is also an end to the self-sacrifice. The end comes when we are truly ready to release ourselves from the perceived comfort of our daily lives in our current situations. In the end, our goal is to challenge ourselves to use all of our Divinely-bestowed talent and be the best possible ambassador for the Universe and bring light to all humanity.

A good example of this is a professional who has decided to suspend career advancement temporarily for the greater good of the entire family such as child-rearing or looking after an aging parent. During this time, there is a feeling of suspension but it is a time in which new skills are gained and a deeper sense of gratitude is introduced. When that person has completed the process of intense child-rearing* or care-giving, perhaps it will then be time to untie himself/herself from the suspended position and make strides in his/her Divine life purpose.

The end of self-sacrifice is on the horizon! Love to my beautiful twin flames and soul tribe on this journey of ascension! Bye for now!

* On a special note of raising children: protecting our children against predators and those who do horrible acts of abuse against children is part of our DIVINE MISSION. Protecting our children allow them to become the balanced individuals that they are called to be especially if they embark on the twin flame journey and do their joint mission work. This is a channeled message that I received: "an untended root leads to a withered tree". It is our duty to protect those who are unable to have a voice. #savethechildren #stopchildabuse #stopchildtrafficking #stophumantrafficking

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