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Own your truth...even though it's uncomfortable

Are you speaking your truth? In the name of political correctness and diplomacy, we often mask the truth of what we feel and really want to say for fear of being marginalized. Often we don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings so we simply tell them what we think they want to hear.

What is your truth? Does your way of life reflect how you envision yourself living? Or have you sacrificed yourself for the sake of peace? The throat chakra is the energy centre that becomes blocked when we no longer feel empowered to speak our truth for fear that the other party/parties can’t or aren’t willing to handle the truth. Are you able to handle the truth? Is your communication with yourself open and honest? Do you speak nicely to and about yourself? If not, you need to begin to open the communication with yourself.

When the throat chakra becomes blocked, it affects the higher energy centres – the heart third eye and the crown chakras and how the communication is transmitted between ourselves and the Universe. Let yourself be an open channel for that Divine communication and you will see how much more enriched your life will be. Truth is not only spoken, it is also known at a soul level. For example, those #twinflames who are in #karmic relationships at some point have to come to that realization or that "innerstanding" or inner knowing that a part of them is missing and no matter how much denial there is, the truth is going to confront them and challenge them to take action toward making #union possible in the physical.

These challenges have pushed us on to a new phase of our spiritual truth where we are being forced to come out of our comfort zones, to speak truth for ourselves and those who are vulnerable such as the children, seniors and animals.

Take a moment today and ask yourself if you are being totally honest with yourself and if not, ask yourself, “What is my truth?” Be willing to speak your truth. We all have a Divine soul song that needs to be heard.

Sending love! Bye for now :)

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