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Divine Feminines, you are the light of your Masculine's world

Today's card is the 10 of swords. This card came earlier today for my YouTube reading.

Normally, my blog deals with more general topics but I feel as if today our #divinemasculines are asking his #divinefeminine to hold space for him as he passes through his dark night of the soul. So much is being overturned in his world and he just needs love. He is feeling unsupported by his karmic situations and they feel quite draining for him at this time. Betrayal and the feeling that his world is in turmoil seem to be the movie that he is watching at this time. He has to "die" to old paradigms and reawaken to his new self. Dear divinefeminines, you are that light to which he walks steadily. Although his steps are slow, he looks only to you as his dawn as we see in the card.

Sending love to our dear #divinemasculine.

Bye for now! :)

#twinflame #twinflamejourney #darknightofthesoul #unsupported #karmic #karmicpartners #endings

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