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Collapse/Tower Moments

Today’s Oracle Card is a very deep card and encourages us to examine our lives on several different levels. The card is entitled “Cellular Collapse” and it really challenged me to delve more deeply into my intuition for its interpretation. As a result, I was guided to explore the card’s interpretation on the levels of the body, mind and soul.

The idea of cellular collapse evokes an image of a total breakdown of sorts. The image that comes to me is that of a storm. Ever notice how there is a build up to the storm with dark, ominous clouds and then pounding rain? Well, what happens after the storm? Everything somehow feels washed clean and then the sun comes out. What does the storm teach us? Do we need to prepare better for such events? Or, did we receive help from utter strangers in our time of need which changed our initial perception of them? The lesson is one that shows us that despite temporary collapses, there is an opportunity for renewal.

Similarly, when we look explore the meaning from the perspective of our physical bodies, we can see how our bodies, minds and souls all change depending on what is going on.

A few years ago, my dad suffered a major heart attack. His body had been giving him signs for a few days before but perhaps out of fear he did not want to face what was happening. The cells were collapsing – his heart was collapsing. However, it was a signal to him to take better care of his body and it had to get worse before it got better. When the Universe wants to get your attention, boy does it know how to get it!

This experience changed my dad’s life and ours all at the same time on all levels. All of a sudden, we were all forced to look at our eating habits and make conscious efforts and change our mindset with respect to diet and exercise. However the biggest change for the best was an increase in our spirituality. Nothing makes you pray as hard as when death stares you in the face. My dad stared death in the face and scoffed! Yaay dad! His mental and spiritual strength allowed him to want better for himself. He wanted to live because he still had so much to offer. Today, he lives each day grateful for his life and all the lessons he learnt in the process.

Are you being challenged to change something in your life? For example, are you giving so much of yourself that you feel as if you are going to break? Pay attention to the feelings of fatigue, irritability or resentfulness. They too are signs of feeling used and if not carefully managed, could result in its own cellular collapse from which lessons will emerge. Look carefully at your life so that you could lead a full, happy life on all levels, body, mind and soul.

Sending love to all who are in the midst of any form of collapse. Bye for now :)

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