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Own your truth...even though it's uncomfortable

Are you speaking your truth? In the name of political correctness and diplomacy, we often mask the truth of what we feel and really want to say for fear of being marginalized. Often we don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings so we simply tell them what we think they want to hear. What is your truth? Does your way of life reflect how you envision yourself living? Or have you sacrificed yourself for the sake of peace? The throat chakra is the energy centre that becomes block

The end of the sacrifice

Today’s Oracle card reading is one of the most challenging of the cards to interpret…sacrifice. In traditional tarot, this represents the Hanged Man, a character who embodies the message of waiting to see what happens, suspension, feeling stuck or trapped or someone just in transition while waiting for change. It is a time of great reflection and release especially while things are still quiet. Perhaps it is that time of “rest” before the start of a huge project that will dem

The men

In today's card reading, I got two cards "Man holding a coin" and "The thinking man". I found it was so perfect since I pick up so much on the #divinemasculine energy! These are two aspects of themselves that the our dear #masculines are working on balancing at this time. The "Man holding a coin" is working on building his life in the physical world so that he can have something of substance to offer to his #divinefeminine. So in the realm of the physical, the #masculine coul

Your book of Life

Do you need to have a plan for every stage of your life? Does the thought of deviating from your plan scare you? How do you feel about creating your own life, your own circumstances? Today’s Oracle Card reading encourages us to examine ourselves and ask ourselves these questions. When life throws you a curve or an obstacle presents itself to you, how do you handle it? Is your approach to swim valiantly against the tide, only to become tired and succumb to the power of the wav

Trust your inner guidance

Card of the Day: 16 August 2020 The reading for the day is from #ThePsychicTarotOracle Deck by #JohnHolland. When I was shuffling this deck, the beautiful "Intuition" card fell out. This is a fabulous reminder to trust our intuition deeply and know that that the Universe or Source is is on our side and all that happens is for our highest good and the good of all concerned. There are changes in our lives and decisions that have to be made, – the consequences of which weigh o

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