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Healing power of the female orgasm

Hello my dear Twin Flames!! Today, while I was in meditation, I was guided to speak about the healing power of the #divinefeminine’s orgasm on her #divinemasculine. The orgasm is a powerful elixir created by Mother Nature and our beautiful bodies to create life and to provide healing. Lifeforce is contained within the female orgasm and it is this lifeforce that we share with our divine masculines. As we begin to become one with our bodies and our orgasms and recognize and app

Channeled message from the DM to his DF

"I feel like a schoolboy when I am with you. When I think of you, I get those butterflies. I even think of what it would be to just make love to you and lay with you and not have to leave the bed. It's just the time for us to be alone, together, loving each other, healing each other. You are the only woman who makes me feel like the man I am. You awaken the man in me . I can't get enough of you, my sacred goddess". I have been guided to write the channeled messages from the D

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