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Our beautiful Divine Feminines

Today I am being guided to send love to our dear Divine Feminines who have been holding the fort for so many people. She has been a beacon of strength and hope even even when she just did not have the will to continue. She continued to smile through her tears, send love to her Divine Masculine and hold a sacred space for him. Today, let us celebrate her for her unwavering love and support for the many people in her life. She is that guiding light for her DM, the voice that he

The DM feels as if he is losing his mind

The love of the Divine Masculine for his Divine Feminine is something that is pretty hard to grasp especially for the newly-awakened DM. He is trying so hard to reconcile his feelings, his confusion and his surrender all at the same time. Never has he experienced such desire or devotion in his existence. This is all so new and overwhelming for him. He is being faced with feelings of fear, of rebellion, and of vulnerability. He feels vulnerable to his DF who he sees as this po

The masculine awakening

Hello my dear Twin Flames! I am being guided to ask our dear #divinefeminines to send love to our dear #divinemasculines as they navigate their awakening to their warrior spirit. A lot of old worries, wounds and fears are being dredged up and the fear of being exposed makes many of them run and ghost their #feminines. As feminines we are being shown ways in which we can send love and healing to them so that they can step into the divine warrior role for which they were create

You keep him up at night

This is yet another channeled message from our dear #divinemasculine to his beloved #divinefeminine. You are so deeply embedded in his thoughts and he wishes so much for that life with you. "Sometimes I lay awake at night and think of what our life together would be like and it makes me smile. I can’t wait to spend my life with you". As always, sending love to our dear #DM Bye for now :) #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #twinflame #twinflamejourney #psychicreading #activation

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