Divine Feminines, you are the light of your Masculine's world

Today's card is the 10 of swords. This card came earlier today for my YouTube reading. Normally, my blog deals with more general topics but I feel as if today our #divinemasculines are asking his #divinefeminine to hold space for him as he passes through his dark night of the soul. So much is being overturned in his world and he just needs love. He is feeling unsupported by his karmic situations and they feel quite draining for him

Collapse/Tower Moments

Today’s Oracle Card is a very deep card and encourages us to examine our lives on several different levels. The card is entitled “Cellular Collapse” and it really challenged me to delve more deeply into my intuition for its interpretation. As a result, I was guided to explore the card’s interpretation on the levels of the body, mind and soul. The idea of cellular collapse evokes an image of a total breakdown of sorts. The image that comes to me is that of a storm. Ever notice