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The masculine awakening

Hello my dear Twin Flames! I am being guided to ask our dear #divinefeminines to send love to our dear #divinemasculines as they navigate their awakening to their warrior spirit. A lot of old worries, wounds and fears are being dredged up and the fear of being exposed makes many of them run and ghost their #feminines. As feminines we are being shown ways in which we can send love and healing to them so that they can step into the divine warrior role for which they were create

Channeled message from the DM to his DF

"I feel like a schoolboy when I am with you. When I think of you, I get those butterflies. I even think of what it would be to just make love to you and lay with you and not have to leave the bed. It's just the time for us to be alone, together, loving each other, healing each other. You are the only woman who makes me feel like the man I am. You awaken the man in me . I can't get enough of you, my sacred goddess". I have been guided to write the channeled messages from the D

Channeled messages from the Divine Masculines to his Divine Feminines

Today's blog is dedicated to the #divinemasculines and his recognition of his #divinefeminine. My YouTube video today was all about the channeled messages that I received from the #masculine collective. Dear #feminines, please know that as the Rod Stewart's song goes "You're in my heart, you're in my soul". You give your Masculine life through your love more than you know and he loves you more than you know. If you feel guided to, please check out the video https://www.youtu

Divine Feminines, you are the light of your Masculine's world

Today's card is the 10 of swords. This card came earlier today for my YouTube reading. Normally, my blog deals with more general topics but I feel as if today our #divinemasculines are asking his #divinefeminine to hold space for him as he passes through his dark night of the soul. So much is being overturned in his world and he just needs love. He is feeling unsupported by his karmic situations and they feel quite draining for him

The men

In today's card reading, I got two cards "Man holding a coin" and "The thinking man". I found it was so perfect since I pick up so much on the #divinemasculine energy! These are two aspects of themselves that the our dear #masculines are working on balancing at this time. The "Man holding a coin" is working on building his life in the physical world so that he can have something of substance to offer to his #divinefeminine. So in the realm of the physical, the #masculine coul

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